About the project

ProVeg is a Vinnova-funded project to develop vegetable products with high protein value. In pursuit of sustainability and resource-efficient food production, we want to utilise co-products from domestic crop. The project expects to lead to new well tasting vegetable food enriched with protein from domestic raw products. The new products are expected to have good properties, and are expected to be a satisfactory option to food with animal protein content.

In this project we specifically evaluate the possibility of using lateral flow from the food source of protein. There are several alternative protein sources that could be used as a nutritional protein supplement for vegetarians, such as side streams from food processes using potatoes, wheat and oats, etc. This project will initially use potato protein, corn protein and wheat protein, which are the side streams in the manufacture of this established food.

The aim is that by offering consumers attractive alternative in the form of new plant foods with high protein, stimulating both individual consumers and the public sector to better food choices, from an environmental, climate and health perspective.
The public sector in Sweden serves three million meals / day and is thus an important player who can contribute to major changes in terms of food consumption. Development of new foods for schools and kindergartens - eg vegetarian meals or meals were a portion of the animal protein is replaced with vegetable protein of high quality, is therefore a good starting point to stimulate the development towards a higher proportion of vegetable food.

To get the product tasty and attractive, we have the help of celebrity chef Dan Lexö. With his help, the final product will have a good and healthy composition as well as a new, innovative and interesting finish.


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